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1st communion – letters to our children

dear nicholas –

N21stcommunion-2 1st communion - letters to our children

2nd grade has been a big year for you! this year you completed two sacraments at church – first reconciliation and first communion. the catholic church requires you to complete the sacrament of reconciliation before first communion in hopes that you will become comfortable with the act of confession and learn to seek God’s guidance and forgiveness when you need to. you loved it! there was a special reconciliation mass that was held for those children ready to complete that sacrament. i remember that day talking to you about being nervous or worried, you said that you were a little nervous but also excited. i think you were most worried about your penance. as soon as you were done you walked over to daddy and me with a huge smile on your face and said ‘it feels so good to be forgiven, and my penance wasn’t even that bad!’ you asked when you could go again. i am very thankful that you are comfortable talking openly with a priest about your sins as well as seeking forgiveness from God.

a few months later you were preparing to complete the sacrament of first communion. you were very excited to finally be able to take communion at mass with everyone else. we attended a workshop as well as completed worksheets at home that helped prepare you for the understanding of and the meaning behind the holy Eucharist. you couldn’t wait!

N21stcommunion-2 1st communion - letters to our children

the morning of the first communion service i again asked you if you were nervous or excited, this time you were just excited! we had lots of family in town to help you celebrate such a special occasion. your brothers were very excited for you as well. liam said several times that he couldn’t wait until he was in 2nd grade so he could take communion. when the time came for you to accept communion you walked up first, with quinn, mommy, liam and daddy behind you. quinn was following your lead, he knew he couldn’t take communion but when you walked over to accept the wine he wanted to drink it as well. you kept telling him, ‘no quinn- you can’t drink this’ – and nudged him out of the way. Fr. Jeff and I watched as you took a sip of wine for any facial expressions – as it is real wine. you gave no indication as to whether or not you thought it was gross. it wasn’t until after the fact that you told me the wine was ‘yuck’! we agreed that from now on you would only take the host or bread at communion.

N21stcommunion-2 1st communion - letters to our children

N21stcommunion-2 1st communion - letters to our children

i am very proud of you nicholas! you continue to grow in your faith as well as your love for and understanding of God. i hope and pray that you will continue down this journey of seeking God’s guidance and direction. i love you with all my heart!


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