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1st communion – letters to our children

dear nicholas –

first communion fort worth photographer

2nd grade has been a big year for you! this year you completed two sacraments at church – first reconciliation and first communion. the catholic church requires you to complete the sacrament of reconciliation before first communion in hopes that you will become comfortable with the act of confession and learn to seek God’s guidance and forgiveness when you need to. you loved it! there was a special reconciliation mass that was held for those children ready to complete that sacrament. i remember that day talking to you about being nervous or worried, you said that you were a little nervous but also excited. i think you were most worried about your penance. as soon as you were done you walked over to daddy and me with a huge smile on your face and said ‘it feels so good to be forgiven, and my penance wasn’t even that bad!’ you asked when you could go again. i am very thankful that you are comfortable talking openly with a priest about your sins as well as seeking forgiveness from God.

a few months later you were preparing to complete the sacrament of first communion. you were very excited to finally be able to take communion at mass with everyone else. we attended a workshop as well as completed worksheets at home that helped prepare you for the understanding of and the meaning behind the holy Eucharist. you couldn’t wait!

first communion holy family church fort worth texas

the morning of the first communion service i again asked you if you were nervous or excited, this time you were just excited! we had lots of family in town to help you celebrate such a special occasion. your brothers were very excited for you as well. liam said several times that he couldn’t wait until he was in 2nd grade so he could take communion. when the time came for you to accept communion you walked up first, with quinn, mommy, liam and daddy behind you. quinn was following your lead, he knew he couldn’t take communion but when you walked over to accept the wine he wanted to drink it as well. you kept telling him, ‘no quinn- you can’t drink this’ – and nudged him out of the way. Fr. Jeff and I watched as you took a sip of wine for any facial expressions – as it is real wine. you gave no indication as to whether or not you thought it was gross. it wasn’t until after the fact that you told me the wine was ‘yuck’! we agreed that from now on you would only take the host or bread at communion.

first communion fort worth photographer

1st communion holy family catholic church fort worth, tx

i am very proud of you nicholas! you continue to grow in your faith as well as your love for and understanding of God. i hope and pray that you will continue down this journey of seeking God’s guidance and direction. i love you with all my heart!


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snow day in texas – letters to our children

fort worth children

dear boys-

it is so hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago we had over 3 inches of snow on the ground and for several days.  i think y’all missed 3-4 days of school because of the snow. needless to say we had a BLAST! from the moment the snow started to come down the three of you wanted to be outside playing in it. unfortunately most days the snow was not snowman building snow, as your daddy called it, but you didn’t seem to mind.

fort worth photographer
fort worth childrens photographer

the first thing out of nicholas’ mouth when he saw all the snow falling was – ‘can we go sledding?’ daddy had talked about this great hill on the golf course, he said should it ever snow that would be the best spot to go sledding. of course living in texas we don’t own a sled, but we improvised and used the lid off our trash can and a giant box. the hill was super slick as a layer of ice was covering the snow/sleet that had fallen. it was a treacherous walk just to get to the hill and walk up it. i have never laughed so hard in my life – you guys were awesome, no fear at all. you would zoom down the hill, often be dumped off the lid of the trash can or box and get up giggling. even graham had fun, he would run up and down that hill after you boys chasing you. i tried to take pictures and videos of y’all sledding but my camera got so cold it wouldn’t work. but trust me when i say this – we had the best time ever! i seriously think we are going to invest in a sled just to have for occasions like this. i have never had so much fun playing in the snow. i think we went to that hill 3-4 different times before all the snow melted.

best fort worth photographer
fort worht photographer
truth be told- it wasn’t all laughter, there were some tears over snowballs in the face, or frozen fingers and toes. a few times in the beginning you had to learn how to navigate the ice. quinn was very insistent on wearing his toms to play in the snow, after several slips and falls onto his bottom he realized that tennis shoes would be best. i was worried a little about you nicholas as you still had the cast on your arm, but you were cautious enough and was the only one out of the three of you that didn’t wipe out at some point.

fort worht children photography
best fort worth children

daddy did eventually build a snowman, or snowmen i should say. they were life size. i remember coming home and noticing how our yard was void of snow, and then looking around the corner and seeing 2 giant snowmen in our yard. y’all must have rolled the balls for the snow around our entire yard, daddy even had to get help from our neighbor to stack the giant snowballs on top of one another. even after all the snow had melted on the ground, there stood the 2 snowmen for a couple more days. it was quite a site.

thank you boys for all the fun memories we made those few days. i have not laughed that hard in a long time- i will always cherish that time. i can’t wait to do it again next year!

love- mommy

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banana arm – letters to our children • fort worth photographer

it seems like forever since i last wrote a letter to my boys. i took a break for a while as i let life distract me from writing these letters. but i have joined up with a great group of moms who happen to be photographers as well to write letters to our children. please be sure to follow along below to read the letters written…

dear nicholas –

i am writing this letter as i sit here waiting for you to come back from surgery, the anesthesiologist just wheeled you away. you had a smile on your face but i could tell you were a little nervous. i have been praying for you all day today- in fact you have many people praying for you today. always remember the power of prayer is nothing short of amazing. mommy prayed for guidance and skilled hands for the doctors, for your comfort and healing as well as for God to send a guardian angel to watch over you during your surgery. you will hopefully wake up with a new blue cast (the color you wanted), with minimal pain and good memories of anything that happened.

fort worth photographer

you may not remember how you even hurt your arm the next time you read this letter, but you were playing soccer with some of your friends in class and you had your feet kicked out from under you. you said you landed weird on your arm. you complained a little about it being sore, i could tell you tried not to cry- but it hurt! it turns out you broke your left ulna bone – actually you bent your bone. the orthopedic doctor explained to mommy that young children’s bones do not break like adults, but they bend. who knew! your daddy was the one that took you to the urgent care to get an x-ray, so i did not see it. the urgent care doctor put a splint on your arm and told us to follow up with an orthopedic specialist. the doctor did tell me that your bone was not fractured but that it was ‘bowing’, but i had no idea what it was going to look like. we saw the orthopedic specialist a week later – when he removed your splint i was amazed at how bent your arm looked. your left arm was shaped like a banana. you said it didn’t hurt any- thankfully, because it didn’t look the least bit comfortable. my first comment to dr. beavers was that something needed to be done to make your arm straight again. after the initial shock wore off that your arm was bent – i then clarified with dr. beavers that fixing your bone was in fact the best course of action. thankfully you had no understanding of just how extremely painful it is to straighten out a bone. mommy cringes every time i think about it. i explained to you that the doctor would give you some medicine to make you sleepy, and give you a mask to breathe special air that would keep you asleep. your biggest concern was how the doctors would get you to fall asleep if you weren’t sleepy! mommy and daddy answered all your questions and walked you through everything that was going to happen to calm your fears. your daddy, trying to be funny, said that someday you would love the fact that a dr. beavers made your bone straight (sorry buddy, he is your dad).

i woke you up this morning to let you eat a popsicle for breakfast as your couldn’t eat anything solid. you loved the fact that you had dessert for breakfast! i wanted to document this day for you, but didn’t bring my big camera to the hospital. i took my phone and was able to capture a few photographs of you. i am hoping this will be the last time we have to do this! God knew what he was doing by giving me boys – he knew i would be strong enough to handle the bumps and bruises – but i don’t like to see you or your brothers get hurt.

fort worth photographer
fort worth photographer

after about an hour they finally came to tell me that you were out of surgery – that was one of the longest hours ever! dr. beavers come to get me and told me you did great. he explained what he did to your arm, and showed me an x-ray of your now straight bone. he was very confident that your arm would heal and be perfectly normal. thank God.

dr. beavers brought me to you – where you had yet to wake up. i was so thankful to find you still out of it because i made a promise to you that i would be the first face you would see when you woke up from surgery. when you did finally wake up you asked me when you could go home, and when was the doctor going to fix your arm. i was thankful to know that you were oblivious to the fact that your surgery was over! we were able to bring you home just a short time later. you have done amazingly well – no pain or discomfort. i think you are a little excited to have a cast for the next 6 weeks as it comes with lots of extra attention from your teachers as well as the girls in your class!

fort worth photographer

i am so very thankful that everything went well and you are doing great. i am thankful to have so many family members and friends praying for you during your surgery. i love you little man!


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letters to our sons -june • fort worth photographer

dear boys-

my letter this month is to tell you about our sweet dog payton. i hope someday you will be able to read this letter and remember what a special dog payton was to all of us. we said goodbye to payton last month as he crossed over the rainbow bridge where he is happy and healthy once again. it has taken me some time to be able to tell you this story as even today as i sit down to type this letter tears stroll down my cheeks. my heart still aches for payton – and will for some time. you boys have experienced death before with the loss of some of our chickens, and even a torortise, but those pets were only in our lives for such a short while. a few hours after payton’s death quinn asked where payton was, liam told him that payton had died and gone to heaven. quinn, you then respond with ‘who’s heaven?’ payton’s death has been a life experience about sickness, dying, God and heaven for you boys.

the loss of a pet

our journey with payton began almost 12 years ago. your daddy and i drove out to the suburbs of chicago to pick him up one cold january day. payton was  a giant golden puff ball and had the sweetest honey nut cheerio breath. i remember your daddy rode in the back seat with him the entire way home. i told your daddy if it looked like payton was smiling to be careful as he was probably going to puke- sure enough, payton puked. poor guy never did like riding in the car much after that. payton was such a happy, sweet dog from the moment he was born- he lived his life to make us happy.

a boy and his dog

payton, like most goldens, loved to swim! he would jump into any body of water he could find.  he was non stop!  your daddy would take payton fishing with him and his friends where payton had open access to the lake. he would spend most of his time belly deep in the water or out exploring the woods. we would also take him to your grandma and grandpa’s house to swim – he would take a running start and jump into the pool. we couldn’t even let him out to pee without watching him as he would wonder over to the pool and often try and jump in.

payton- family photographer

you boys never knew life without payton. he was such a huge part of our family and our everyday. you boys loved to play with payton – whether it was throwing the ball, chasing him around the house or giving him treats. you loved that payton would shake, speak or even let you put the treat on his nose and wait for the ok to eat it. payton was amazing around each of you as a baby, he put up with way more than i would have. you each would climb into his food bowl when he was eating or grab his tail and pull. quinn, you loved to sit on payton and ride him. each and every time payton would just tolerate it, lick you in your face and wag his tail. when he was over it – he would retreat to his kennel and sometimes you would even follow him in there as well.

you can teach a old dog new tricks
golden retriever

people often complimented us on how well we had trained payton. he was a typical golden and preferred to be with his people than to be outside or wonder off. if we were outside, he was out with us, when we went in, so did he. he loved us unconditionally – that is what made him happy.

on payton’s last day i could tell he wasn’t feeling good, he had no interest in eating or being in the kitchen with us – i found him upstairs by your daddy’s side of the bed. i immediatley grabbed my camera as i wanted to try and capture a few more moments with him. quinn followed me upstairs and immeditaley went to payton when he saw him. of course payton wagged his tail, he picked up his head and looked at me, i could tell in his eyes he was ready to say goodbye. his time with us had come to an end.

a sad goodbye

we said goodbye to an amazing dog that day, he deposited so much love, unconditional love, into our hearts that he will never be forgotten. a time will come when we have a new puppy in our lives and our heart will heal from the loss of payton. but i hope you will always be able to remember a small part of him forever!

‘A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter’s drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way.’

i love you with all my heart

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letters to our sons – may • fort worth photographer

dear liam –

fort worth lifestyle photographer

where has time gone? i cannot believe you are graduating from preschool this week. it is hard for me to think you will be off to kindergarten next year. i know you are ready – but i’m not sure i am. i have enjoyed having you home with me a couple days during the week and in the afternoons. it is going to feel strange to not have you home with me. i am excited you will be joining nicholas at school. you will do great – and having nicholas there will help ease the transition for you (and mommy). you have made some dear friends in preschool and i know you will miss them greatly next year. your teachers tell me what a great friend you are to everyone –  you play with everyone and anyone and are always kind to them. i know you will make new friends easily!

kid photographer fort worth

i may not always tell you often enough liam, but i am so very thankful God has allowed me to be your mother. you are such a kind, sweet, easy going little guy. it tugs at my heart sometimes when i realize at the end of a long day that i have often overlooked you. it’s not that i ignore you by any means – but you are often not the one getting into trouble or causing chaos. you just go with the flow and are agreeable to just about anything. you put up with a lot from your brothers, whether it be nicholas bossing you around on how to play mind-craft or quinn constantly wanting to wrestle with you. you take things in stride and with a smile on your face. i have to admit there are times i wish you would push back – telling nicholas to stop being so bossy and every once in while giving quinn what he is asking for with his constant pestering of you. but you don’t – you are too sweet and kind.


i loved the time we spent together when i was taking these pictures of you. it was just the two of us outside talking – i was asking you questions about school, baseball and pretty girls. you answers were pretty funny – i loved watching your face light up and your eyes smile when you would giggle. your brothers were inside so there was no one there to interrupt you or distract you from your train of thought. we were not outside for long but i loved every minute of it. i look forward to the next time we can do something just the two of us.

fort worth photographer

congratulations on your graduation little man – you mommy and daddy are very proud of you! i look forward to seeing where your next adventure will take you.
♥ – mommy

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