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letter to our sons – june · fort worth photographer

dear nicholas, liam and quinn –

this letter is a little different in that i am writing a letter not about you, but about your daddy.  i read somewhere that you should put in writing just how much someone means to you – so someday you can read just how special that someone was. in this letter i will be telling you all about your daddy- and what an amazing father he is to the three of you!

i always knew he was going to be a great daddy because his daddy, your grandpa, is such an amazing dad!

there are a few things i want you to know or remember about your daddy:

1. he thinks he is the funniest person alive – and has no problem being the only person to laugh at his jokes. although most of the time one of you is giggling right along with him.

2. he has no will power when it comes to chocolate- none! quinn, now you know where your love for ‘shoc-lit’ comes from.

3. he isn’t afraid to cry – and this makes him a very sensitive guy.  liam – you have daddy to thank for that trait you inherited.

4. he loves you boys more than life itself – and would move mountains to protect each one of you.

5. he will probably say or do something that will embarrass you at some point in your life. try not to take it personally – just refer back to #1. nicholas, sorry buddy but you haven’t heard the last of the ms. g jokes or the next pretty girl you have a crush on.

6. he is an amazing athlete! he has finished a full ironman and is training for another one. which means he has exercised at an extreme intensity for over 12 hours. – crazy!

7. he is stubborn- and has graciously shared this quality with each of you as well. take this trait and use it to your advantage. there is something to say about someone that never gives up.

8. he tends to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. it is a big responsibility supporting a family, so when he seems a little distracted or crabby – cut him some slack.

9. one of his favorite things to do is to play with you boys! if he could wrestle, build forts, go on lizard hunts or play with legos all day- he would. God knew what he was doing when he gave us three boys.

each one of you has a little bit of daddy in you – as you get older i hope you will understand a little bit more about who you are by knowing more about your daddy.

i love you each so very much


please be sure to follow the circle of letters – up next is my friend kelly’s letter to her son.


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