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letters to our sons – april · fort worth photographer

to nicholas, liam and quinn –

we went on our first vacation as a family of five a few weeks ago. we loaded up the car and drove to florida to spend a week at the beach. what a fun and adventurous trip it was! it took us two days to get there as we made a few planned stops along the way as well as a few unplanned – ‘i have to pee’ stops 🙂  you guys were so good in the car, and were super excited to be driving through 4 states to get to the beach.

liam, you asked about every two minutes ‘what state are we in’ or ‘how many minutes will we be there’. you are also like your mommy and love to snack in the car, you were always hungry for something and wanted to try everything we brought with us. nicholas, you wanted to know the exact time we would arrive at our next stop- i mean to the minute. when the clock in the car showed that time, you were sure to let us know we were supposed to be there already. quinn, you discovered your words on this vacation. a few of your favorites were ‘no’, ‘juice’, and ‘own’ – as in i want my own.  you would walk around saying ‘no, no, no’ every time we asked you to do something. if you saw something, you were sure to tell us – ‘tractor’, ‘pool’,  or ‘truck’, and if we didn’t acknowledge you immediately about what you just saw – you would say it over and over until we did.

this was our first family vacation with the three of you –  i have never seen 3 more excited boys to be near the water. you guys would wake up with the sun and in a matter of minutes would want to go to the beach or go swimming in the pool. we would stay down by the water all day – and come back to the room exhausted. you boys would fall asleep before your heads even hit your pillows – only to wake up again bright and early the next day ready to go back to the beach.

nicholas, you loved collecting shells. but only if they were perfect- you willing gave the broken ones to liam or quinn.  i loved going on walks with you in the morning combing the beach for shells. we even had daddy out in the ocean with his goggles on going down to the bottom digging for shells.  liam, you could have dug in the sand the entire week and been perfectly content. you loved building sand castles and then knocking them over or jumping on them. daddy even dug a hole big enough for the three of you to get in. quinn, you were such a happy little guy this entire trip – as long as daddy was close by. you became your daddy’s little side-kick, if he got out of your sight you would just yell ‘daadee’ and he would come get you. wherever daddy went – quinn was sure to follow.

thank you boys for giving us such great memories – i am so thankful that we were able to spend so much time together. i know one day the three of you will be grown – these are the memories that i will cherish forever.

i love you all so very much



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